Recreational Vehicles, RV, are fast becoming a necessity for families—large and small. The need to own a vehicle that can both convey and house the whole family on that family vacation has given rise to recreational vehicles. 

What makes RVs stand out is the level of comfort they provide for their uses. And what better way to define luxury other than the vehicle space and the furniture inside?

Without the right furniture, a recreational vehicle, no matter the type—be it wheeler truck or a class C RV—would be of no use to the family. ‘

We would be showing you ten top RV furniture brands that you can bet your dollars on to provide you with premium comfort.

Knowing that you want the best furniture for your RV, irrespective of the goal and design of your RV, we would lead you to brands that make comfort and affordability their watchwords.

If you are ready, let us explore together, the exciting world of RV furniture. 

First, what are RVs? defines RV as a motor vehicle or trailer which includes living quarters designed for accommodation. RVs are designed with kitchens and other living spaces for comfort; it is a house on wheels. For many people, RVs are not solely for vacations and camping trips; they are also for accommodation, on a wheel. 

Ben and Roxanne are about to retire and they need a place to stay. They are in the late 60s. Their need for adventure led them searching for the perfect RV.

After considering their reason for wanting an RV, their budget, the things they want in their RV, they have settled for a Class C trailer. 

If you are confused about what a Class A RV is, let us break it down for you. 

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Types of RV

  1. Class A Motorhomes: when people talk of Classy homes on wheels, they are referring to the Class A Motorhomes. They are built on a chassis, and they provide the complete residential feel. They are big and comfortable. Some have slide-out rooms, more bedrooms, bathrooms, bigger kitchens, and large floor plans. For people like Ben and Roxanne who want a retirement home, want to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional home, Class A Motorhomes are the perfect fit. 
  2. Class B Motorhomes: They aren’t as big as the class RVs. They are often called camper vans due to their van-y look. They look like Class A RVs, but the spaces—bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and other living spaces—are not as big as the Class A. As more people—either as individuals or a group or as a family—travel long distances for vacations and camping, Class B RVs are gaining more popularity. One significant advantage of these Vans is their better gas mileage and strength. Because most of the Vans are designed with campers in mind, they are sturdier and last longer than the Class A vehicles.
  3. Class C Motorhomes: These are RVs with the relative comfort of Class A and the sturdiness of Class B but have fewer rooms, lesser space and the overall size of the van is medium. Class B motorhomes are built on truck chassis. They are available in 20-40cm feet long. For many people who don’t want the bulkiness of Class A, opt for Class C. 
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The other types of RVs that aren’t ‘classed’ include: 

  • Pop-up campers: they are the smallest RVs, take up smaller parking spaces, and have fewer rooms and living space. They aren’t expensive, and they come with a kitchenette and a small toilet/shower combo.
  • Truck campers: They are rugged, smaller than the regular Class A motorhomes. Truck campers are the perfect truck when you’re going to the wilderness. 
  • Travel trailers: They are the most popular RVs. Their length ranges from 20 feet to 40 feet. Travel trailers are lightweight and aren’t very expensive.
  • Fifth wheelers and Toy haulers are two other RVs in the market for campers and vacationers.
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Whichever of these RVs you have chosen to buy is good, depending on your choice. But what would make it a real home on wheels for you is the type of furniture in the van. There are several furniture brands to choose from, but there are some that stand out from the pack.

Before we unload these brands, what do you think makes a furniture brand stand out? What is it about RV furniture that is unique from regular home furniture? 

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For a company to claim to be an RV furniture brand, its furniture must be made from the best quality materials. They also need to deliver the best quality always.

From the quality of the fabric used to how the recliner chairs feel, to how lightweight the motorhome reclining chair is and the ease with installments;

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RV furniture brands are intentional about providing the most comfortable RV furniture for their clients. 


Getting the best out of your RV remodeling can be quite risky. But with the help of these brands, you can rest assured that those recliner chairs, kitchen tables, foldable couches, and the likes would come with quality assurance.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten RV furniture brands:

  1. Flex Steel: If you are looking for that brand that caters specifically for your RV furniture needs, ranging from captain chairs to reclining chairs, to dinner seats and the rest. They have a wide array of RV furniture to choose from, each furniture type in an RV sectionalized. With Flex Steel, you can rest assured that your RV furniture would last long and would give you that distinctive look you desire. Hey, these guys have been doing this for 130 years, so yes, they know their jobs. A good retailer is Bradd and Hall for this brand. They are flexible and can get the help you get the RV furniture update quickly.
  2. Lambright Comfort Chairs: Don’t be deceived; they offer much more than bespoke comfort chairs for your RV. They offer you the best qualities when it comes to RV furniture chairs. Lambright comfort chairs have over 20 years of experience making loveseats, recliners, gliders, and sofas. They are designed specially to give you comfort and make the RV experience—whether it’s for a short camping trip or a more extended stay—more enjoyable. One thing that stands Lambright comfort chairs out is how dedicated they are to their customers. To them, customers come first, and that is commendable. And did you also know they sue Ultra Qualex foams for maximum comfort?
  3. Villa international: They are a few RV companies that can boast of delivering custom-made furniture for RVs. These guys at Villa International have 50 years’ experience creating excellent interior furniture fittings for RVs. Starting from 1969 when they made their first RV furniture, a stylish dinette, Villa International has evolved into a world-class RV furniture and accessories brand. They have, however, since then onwards made comfortable and bespoke RV furniture that caters to both new and old RV owners. Their goal is to reach as many RV enthusiasts as possible, making the ‘ride’ enjoyable and affordable. Their driver/passenger seats, sofas, and J-Lounges, dinettes, and recliners are a must-have for any RV owner.
  4. Fjords of Norway: There are times when doing the unconventional is best. If you are interested in taking your RV interior space design out of the regulars, then the European touch you need is Fjords of Norway. With over 70 years of experience, Fjords of Norway design quality and out-of-the-box RV furniture that reflects the beautiful natural landforms that surround them. The company is known for melding creativity and tradition into their designs. Their RV recliners, sofas, love seat, captain seat, etc., are some of the fanciest as well as comfortable out there. 
  5. Lafer: If you are searching for comfortable recliners, then you should look no further than LAFER. Lafer recliner chairs are a bold blend of advanced design and modern elegance, ergonomically designed to promote strong back support. Lafer promises creativity and innovation at affordable prices – an excellent investment for your home, and your health. They also have different types of recliners, ranging from Adele to Adele executive. For your RV recliners, no better brand can meet your need for comfort and bespoke design like Lafer. Their decades of experience in making recliner chairs make them a top choice or RV furniture; one of the best RV recliners in the market. And they are affordable too. 
  6. Opulence Home: When it comes to a crafty combination of old tricks with new trends, opulence homes are right in the front row. They pay attention to every detail, and this makes their RV furniture—recliners, dinettes, captain chairs, and sofas—one of the best in the market. They also combine the English tradition of elegance with comfort. Although Opulence Homes have been involved in the home development industry for over 30 years, they only started to focus mainly on home furniture, RV furniture, and home renovation needs in 2015. That notwithstanding, they are a leading brand in the RV furniture industry. 
  7. Recpro: Few RV furniture brands can stand shoulder to shoulder with RECPRO. They have some of the finest, effective, and affordable wall hugger recliners. They have a wide range of dinette, recliners, sofas, and chairs to choose from. They also have electrically controlled wall hugger recliners. They deliver twenty-four (24) hours after order. They also have side tables, sleeping sofas, mattresses, gaming ottoman chairs, theatre seats, and pillows. You can never go wrong when you choose recpro RV furniture. At Recpro, they turn NO into YES and BAD into the BEST!
  8. Lippert component: When RV accessories are hard to get, the Lippert component has got it. With more than twenty years of experience in delivering quality RV components to its customers, the Lippert component gives you elegant, well-crafted pieces for your RV. Their products range from Denver mattresses to Kitchen furniture, dinettes, belt tilt systems and a host of others. They are also the one-stop-shop for any kind of RV accessories. 
  9. Thomas Payne: Thomas Payne is renowned for innovation and comfort in its design. Their Rv reclining chairs, sofas, theatre seatings, and sofas are comfortable as they are stylish. There is no denying that when it comes to style, Thomas Payne has got the memo. Nothing about their RV furniture—whether it’s their sofa bed parts or seating parts—that speaks of mediocrity. Excellence and quality materials are used in making their furniture. These sets of furniture are also lightweight. 
  10. Seatcraft: they started in 1978 with automotive seatings, but have since then evolved into other RV furniture. In 2001, for example, Seatcraft began making home theatre seating for RV motorhomes. Each Seatcraft product is manufactured with the best materials. The excellent craftsmanship—which pays attention to details—makes each of their RV furniture products plush, comfortable, and innovative. 
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The interior of your RV doesn’t need to be bland and uninspiring. These furniture brands would help you turn your ‘home on wheels into a comfortable home indeed. These brands offer a variety of furniture options for you to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve with the type of Recreational Vehicle you have.

Of course, we can’t forget your budget plays a significant role in the kind of RV furniture you’d get; still, these brands will cater to any need and any budget. So, what are you again doing?

Pimp the interior of your RV furniture, now! You deserve comfort and luxury at affordable prices!